Elbaite Green
Green or Red Accents

WIN 1 of 5 New A-Classes For A Year!

Get your game face on! Customise a new A-Class and stand a chance to win one for an entire year! Ready for #ALevelUp?


WIN 1 of 5 New A-Classes For A Year!

Get your game face on! Customise a new A-Class and stand a chance to win one for an entire year! Ready for #ALevelUp?

Find Your Car Drive Me

Your New Playground

Tailored, just for you.

Enter the most customisable A-Class ever. Upgrade your pad with red or green accents on the Style package’s new seat design, or sink into two-tone sahara beige and black leather from the Exclusive package. Adjust your cushion length to taste with the Seat Comfort package and make your new control room your playground by lighting it up in 12 adjustable colours. Use Dynamic Select to luxuriate in your drive personality – from comfortable cruising to sporty rocker to efficiency machine or individualised to taste, all at the touch of a button.

Game Breaker

Unlock taut athleticism and a fresh new charisma

Start with the new elbaite green metallic paint, moving along the bold shoulder muscles of the wings and the dynamic side skirts, watch as the striking contours rise into the blade shaped coupé-style window line. Let your gaze be drawn to the new diamond grille and arrow-shaped front end, then down along the matching tailpipe trim that flows seamlessly into the new all-LED bicolour tail lamps. Savour it, because at night innovative lighting with performance headlamps makes the gleam even more intoxicating.

Playing Favourites

Engineered for your pleasure.

It’s just a question of taste. Less is more from the A-Class’s new diesel engines, with a pulsating vibrancy that consumes as little as 3.8l/100km in the A 200d or 4l in the A 220 d without compromising on torque. Setting standards too are the new petrol engines, offering dynamic handling and a blissfully sporty drive whilst reducing noise, fuel consumption and emissions. Meanwhile, the new A 250 Sport’s 7G-DCT automatic transmission is specially configured for a racier drive, alongside its engine, accelerator configuration and engine sound.

A Team Player

Protects You At Every Turn

The new A-Class has its virtual eyes on the prize: your safety. A radar system warns if you’re too close to a vehicle, automatically helping you brake if it predicts a collision and initiates autonomous braking before an inevitable collision. On long journeys, the new A-Class even monitors your driving style for signs of drowsiness, giving you visual and audible warnings. 9 airbags protect you and your passengers, and Active Bonnet protects pedestrians by raising the bonnet before impact by 6.5cm, using crumple zones to soften the blow and reduce the severity of the injury.

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